Tuesday, November 16, 2010

No Joy's New Album Just Kills

The little ones are keeping me awfully busy, but I found some time to hear some great new tunes. Check it out.
"Julie" - Download here
  • Outer Limits Recordings - "Julie" 7" (Olde English Spelling Bee) [YouTube]
    • One-man band making very melodic and structured noise pop. Strong work.
    • Releases everything through his YouTube channel, but you can buy his latest vinyl from OESB.

Ghost Blonde
Ghost Blonde - Download here
  • No Joy - Ghost Blonde (Mexican Summer) [BandCamp]
    • Possibly the one you've been waiting for. I'm pretty jealous of their sound.
    • It's just the kind of echoey noise pop I love. Kicks my ass. Female vocals. Incredible album, really.
    • From Montreal, but seems to be inspired by a West Coast aesthetic, especially with track titles such as "Pacific Pride" and "Hawaii". 
    • Recently played with Kurt Vile, Weekend, Best Coast and A Place To Bury Strangers. You could say they're going places.
    • Found it here. Enjoy.
Here's "Hawaii".

No Joy - "Hawaii" (Ghost Blonde; 11/16/2010)


  1. I am *totally* digging "Ghost Blonde" by No Joy.

    It is a great album!