Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Weekend Releases Awesome Noise Album

Needed some time off to bring two beautiful little girls into the world. Looks like I didn't miss much. But look what we have now:
"Solo ('4' Claire)" - Stream here
  • Wise Blood - "Solo ('4' Claire)" 7" (Transparent) [MySpace]
    • Sounds like Moby if he were cool. That's probably the best way I can think to describe it. And it is cool.
    • Not officially released until November 22nd, but you can hear both tracks here.

  • Weekend - Sports (Slumberland) [WordPress]
  • Sports
    Sports - Click to order
    • Released today. Streaming at NPR until today, so hurry. You can also stream it at Slumberland's site, but you can't pause it to get a bagel there.
    • 45 minutes of noisy San Fran shoegaze with distant, echoey vocals. Yeah, this is pretty good stuff.
    • Order the MP3s here or the vinyl here.
The second track of Sports blew me away. Check this out.

Weekend - "Youth Haunts" (Sports; 11/9/2010)
Weekend - Youth Haunts by youandmeintheecho

No word yet from Kill Red Rocket or Triple Down on that Bloody Knives/Me You Us Them split. Man, can't wait for that one.

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