Thursday, February 20, 2014

New playlist: Mad Cravin'

Time for another heavy, math-y mix on I call this one Mad Cravin'. Remember the Crazy Craving monster from the Honeycomb commercials?

We start with some heavy alt rock by new French band TACKLEBERRY, the opening track from their self-titled album.

Next is a new one from Seattle's Helms Alee, whom I'd heard a few times before. Their new album is called Sleepwalking Sailors. This track, "Fetus. Carcass." starts out sounding a little thin, but it soon gets a bit massive.

Italian band The Glad Husbands are up next with a track called "The Day He Made Up His Mind." It has a classic math rock sound with spoken word and groaning vocals. [EDIT: Turns out this release is a year-and-a-half old. Oops.]

Next is a new Canadian band called Dynomite Broad with "The Kraken," from their self-titled album. They're pretty talented, and parts of this song have kind of a math-y reggae feel. I dig it.

Things start getting a little heavier with the band Claw Marks American and a post-hardcore song called "Able Bodied." The playlist gets a little shouty from this point.

After that is Chicago's The Calm Before with more post-hardcore from a split with another band called I Made You Myself.

Then we return to Italy with heavy metal band Warknife and a song called "The Infected Enigma" from their second album, Amorphous.

That's followed by a band with only one song on Bandcamp, a Norwegian groove/thrash/death metal band called Abode. The tune is called "King," and yes, it rules. Their forthcoming EP is called Self-Inflicted Damage.

After that is Baltimore's SwampHög with a mid-tempo sludge metal song called "Dead Reckoning."

And we wrap it up this week with punkier indie math sounds from an Orlando band called Neat Freak. They have a new four-track EP called Too Late. This track, "You're It," ends with a long bit of storytelling. Kind of interesting.

Lots of good stuff here, but I didn't find anything exciting enough that I'd want to hear it all the time. But this mix will be great for an intense workout.

I won't be making a mix next week since I'll be on vacation in the Keys all week. Back in March.

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