Wednesday, September 29, 2010


  • Football, etc. - Self-titled 7" (Keep It Together/Count Your Lucky Stars/strictly no capital letters) [MySpace]

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      This one snuck up on me—didn't expect it until October, but apparently it came out last week. Sorry, not so fresh, but definitely not a stinker. 

      Somehow when "emo" rock is sung by a lady, it can sound so right. Houston's Football, etc., for example, don't sound so different from Letters to Cleo or even Be Your Own Pet. A great voice and a great band. In a couple of weeks, they'll be recording their full-length on the Count Your Lucky Stars label in Norman, Oklahoma (Boomer Sooner). In the meantime, we have this 7" to enjoy. Hear both tracks, "Away Game" and "XXL" (yes, most if not all of their song titles have something to do with football), here.

      I was amazed, with their name and song titles, that I was able to find a video so easily. They uploaded this to YouTube themselves around this time last year, and they were sounding very quality back then, too. That shows you how long it can take to get a song from rehearsal to release, even on a tiny record label!

      Football, etc. - "Away Game" (rehearsal; 9/21/2009)

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