Monday, September 27, 2010

Stuff I Missed Yesterday

Party Talk
"Party Talk" - Order here
Fine pop singles being released this week:
  • Craft Spells - Party Talk/Ramona 7" (Captured Tracks) [Blogspot]
    • Distant but very listenable pop music from California. There's a definite disco feel here. You can hear both tracks on their MySpace. Download here. There's an interesting remix of "Party Talk" on YouTube, too.

  • Further Reductions - Decidedly So/Not Unknown 7" (Captured Tracks)
    • Decidedly So - Single
      "Decidedly So" - Order here
    • Recommended if Depeche Mode with female vocals sounds like your thing. Dark new-wave pop from Brooklyn. See them play the A-side here, and hear the B-side on MySpace. Download here.

    • Liquid Days - "Spelunkhead" single (beko) [Tumblr]
      • "Spelunkhead" - Download here
      • Sounds like Suicide gone pop. Also from Brooklyn. These guys should really play with Further Reductions. I probably wouldn't attend the gig, but I think they would do well together. Download here.

    And the winner is? I'll have to go with the B-side to Liquid Days' "Spelunkhead" single— "Out of the Mist". There's some interesting stuff happening on this track. I made a little stream for ya with the closest thing I could find to a picture of this mysterious duo who has even fewer listeners on than my own band:

    Liquid Days - "Out of the Mist" (9/26/2010)

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