Thursday, September 30, 2010

Oh My Goodness So Much Rock

This stuff came out on Tuesday, and it's the best I've heard all week:
  • Flight - The Lead Riders EP (Zoo Music) [Twitter]
    • Noisy guitars, creepy keyboards and crazy vocal distortion from Mississippi. Quite good!
    • The Lead Riders
      The Lead Riders -
      Click to order
    • Released digitally; available as a free stream on many sites including this one. There are 500 12" vinyl EPs available, too (click here and scroll down to buy one).

  • Sisters - Ghost Fits (Narnack) []
    • I heard this one yesterday (found it here). It's noisy, fun rock-'n'-roll with lots of really fast drumming, and I like it a lot.  
    • I especially liked track 3, "Sky". Track 7, "Courthouse", is pretty amazing, too. The album gets better as it goes along. Five of the tracks can be heard on their MySpace
    • They're starting a tour here in Ohio on October 15th. As far as I can tell, this duo from Brooklyn just became a band this past summer, and they're already making quite a name for themselves.
    • Ghost Fits
      Ghost Fits - Click to order
    • These guys have made an album to be proud of. I like this as much as No Age. Recommended listening.

Here's one of this album's fantastic tracks that's not on MySpace (track 5):

Sisters - "Wake Me Up" (Ghost Fits, 9/28/2010)

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