Friday, October 29, 2010

My Band's Album Reviewed

Since I don't have anything else to post about today, I thought I'd announce that my own band's noise-pop album was finally reviewed this week, five months after its release. Shameless plug, I know, but it fits here.

The writer at Columbus Music Review, Steve Dustcircle, says his reviews can be quoted anywhere, so here it is:

Awful Lot of Tigers - You May Be Susceptible--Here Are the Signs 
The husband and wife duo from New York (now Columbus, OH) brings twelve tracks that sound like they were recorded from home, but it gives you an idea of what a producer could do with their songs.

The electronic, alternative sounds are happy and reminds me of Sonic Youth, and 10,000 Maniacs' first recordings. Not quite industrial or new wave, they do have a post-punk feel.

The mix is rough, the drum sequences needing to be brought more up front. The guitar riffs are simple, but it works for the genre. The "noise" is a bit overpowering, but was probably done so that you can tell the intentions of their sound.

The songs are composed well, and have a youthful feel about them. Pop music for all ages, this is fun music, but definitely a demo. For fans of Sonic Youth and early 10,000 Maniacs, this is up your alley!

ALoT's CD, "YMBS-HAtS," is for download only at ReverbNation and SoundCloud. [$10.49 at the time of the review]

My reaction:  I can't really disagree with anything he wrote here, but Mr. Dustcircle doesn't write about many noise-pop or shoegaze bands. I don't think it's a genre he typically listens to or is able to appreciate very well. What would he think of a band like Procedure Club? He might very well call their album a "demo", too.

At the same time, I am far from a professional producer, and from the perspective of a pro, this is a demo. So I can't argue.

The only things I thought were a bit off were calling it an "electronic" sound (second paragraph), when only the drums are electronic, and saying that the drums need to be more up-front. The drums are the only instrument that aren't actually performed; they're programmed, so why should they be any louder than they are? In some tracks they're on the verge of being too loud.

Judge for yourself by streaming the album at SoundCloud. You can buy the MP3s here.

Have a great weekend, and happy Halloween. Next time you hear from me, I'll be a dad twice over!

Awful Lot of Tigers - "Nothing At All" (You May Be Susceptible--Here Are the Signs; 5/15/2010)
Nothing At All by Awful Lot of Tigers


  1. Well done getting the review! (Whether you agree with everything written about you or not) ;-)
    Happy Halloween to you as well - and much congrats on your continued journey into Fatherhood.

  2. Thanks very much, Dave!! Talk to you later.