Thursday, March 13, 2014

Beastwood CD drawing

It was either a second Beastwood post or no post at all today...

Got my Beastwood T-shirt from Wyoming today, sent by the drummer and manager himself! I just noticed on their Facebook page that the bassist on their 2012 album Alabama Space Witch has been replaced since then, and their amazing vocalist Jake Kraker left the band last fall. It's very sad because I feel that Jake's voice helped make Beastwood what they are. They are looking for a new singer. I'd totally consider it if I lived in Wyoming.

The T-shirt unexpectedly came with a copy of said album on CD, which is of no real use to me. So the first 50 people who comment on this post (or email me at with the correct answer to this question will be put in a drawing to win this CD and a sticker:

What name did Erik Larson give his Flying V guitar?

Drawing ends April 13th, 2014 (one month from today).

By the way, I did remove the shrinkwrap to see what's inside. Can't blame me; I'm a fan of this band.

Here's the opening track, and you can see the guys I'm talking about here:

Beastwood - "Galactic Bison" (Alabama Space Witch, 2012)

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