Saturday, March 22, 2014

New mix: You Look a Touch Derailed

I'm already tired of writing stuff about every track (blogging should be fun, right?), so I'll just post the basics for this week's playlist, called You Look a Touch Derailed, My Friend. All tracks are from the last couple of weeks.

Bad Love - "Out on the Floor" - Daughters
Devilmaycare - "War of the Worlds" - War of the Worlds
Panucci's Pizza - "L" - Six Billion Double Dollar Bounty on Your Fucking Head (I have feelings too)
The Crow Farm - "Machinegun" - Have a Nice Trip
Shambles in a Husk - "Cowboy Doom"
Enchiridion - "Nameless"
11 Paranoias - "Turn to Stone" - Spectralbeastiaries LP
Moat Hug - "Black gazer" - Real Eyes / Realize / Real Lies
Down in One - "Dumpster Motel" - The Bittersweet Remedy EP
All of Them Witches - "Petrashevsky Circle" - Future Notes

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