Friday, March 28, 2014

New mix: Epic Is for Wimps

New playlist: Epic Is for Wimps

Carburador's new single
Carburador - "Lorelai"
Sunnata - "Asteroid" - Climbing the Colossus
SIOUX - "Ad Astra" - The One and The Many
Oryx - "To Create an Apparition" - Widowmaker
Shores of Null - "Kings of Null" - Quiescence
Firebrand - "Headstone" - Three Graves
Ancient Ascendant - "Riders" - Echoes and Cinder
Spiral - "Photographs" - Our Final Days on Bellicus Prime
Native Wildlife - "Most Accidents Happen Close to Home" - Split with Glass Lungs/Killing Thing/Aviator
Uppercut - "Holly Michaels" - Crujida

Firebrand are from here in Columbus. They only release demos so far, and the production quality seems really low, but I wanted to give them a chance anyway. Maybe they'll grow on me.

This is all heavy metal except for Spiral, which is more like progressive rock with screaming, and Uppercut (from Spain, I think), which is more like post-rock. I've played Carburador before. Great stuff from Panama.

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