Friday, March 7, 2014

New playlist: Pocket Dementia

This week I've got ten new tracks in a mix called Pocket Dementia, a play on the pocket dimensions theories of astrophysics. The pun popped in my head the other day...I love when that happens.

We start with some sludgy southern metal (YES!!) with West Chester, PA's Backwoods Payback. Their new album is called In the Ditch.

Then we start the math with a band I was already familiar with, Austin's female-fronted progressive pop-rock band Megafauna. They have an album coming in April called Maximalist, and this is the first single, "Haunted Factory." Very good stuff.

Belgium trio terraformer is next with some happy instrumental progressive post-metal. They also have an album coming in April called creatures. The artwork is pretty impressive.

Often these playlists get out of order while I'm uploading the tracks. Very annoying, Anyway, that's followed by another instrumental track called "Oceanic" by reg3n, a skilled djent band from Argentina. Somehow they snuck their way two spots up the playlist.

Fister/Norska split
A track by Portland doom/sludge band Norska is next from their new split with Fister. The track is called "Samhain," and it's wicked cool.

And finally we get a tune from Cincinnati's Kallus Valley, which was supposed to be fourth in the list. The title track from their new EP No Burning Fire is classic stoner rock, and it's good. I might check them out if they come up to Columbus.

Then we get loud and chaotic with French hardcore math band The Heretic Process. They have an album coming next month called Here/CHAOS/Begins. I'm guessing they scream in French, since everything on their Facebook page is in French.

Then it's Existential Animals with another instrumental progressive metal track called "The Zanclean Deluge," from their forthcoming EP Surrealith, which will be a free download. This one is very heavy and technical. It's great.

Then we have a four- or five-piece, female-fronted, doomy stoner band from Philly called Ruby the Hatchet (clever). They had a full album in 2012, and now they're back with a two-track EP called The Eliminator. The artwork is cool and the music rocks. It's always fun to hear a hot chick rocking like this.

I finished it off, as I often do, with a lighter math-rock track. This time it's Baltimore's Monsters of the Antipodes with a track called "Circle Ponies," released on their EP Houses last year. It's like a little dessert after a heavy meal.

I don't really have a favorite this week, but it's all good stuff. Enjoy.

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