Friday, October 1, 2010

Birds & Batteries Give Us a Preview

  • Birds & Batteries - Daytrotter Session []
  • I'll Never Sleep Again
    I'll Never Sleep Again -
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    • The second LP from this fascinating San Francisco band is coming October 12th on Spune and Velvet Blue Music, but yesterday they shared a few tracks on Daytrotter, a site that posts unreleased tracks every day.
    • The first track, "Lightning", is a nice electro-pop rocker, but most of the others sound downright country, particularly "I'll Never Sleep Again", the title track of their debut album in 2007 (pictured). It's a very interesting mish-mash of instruments and styles they have going on. The other three tracks are apparently from the upcoming album, entitled Panorama.
    • This isn't as exciting as the stuff I posted yesterday, but it's a nice, fun set of songs for your Friday. They're a very talented band, and if you're into thoughtful lyrics, I think you'll like it.

Here are three songs they filmed a couple of weeks ago (with a string section!) for the Chasing the Moon video podcast. The last song reminds me a lot of The Dears, a Montreal band I like a lot. It's so similar to them, it could be a tribute, and it's definitely the highlight of this video.

Birds & Batteries - Chasing the Moon session, 9/23/10

Birds & Batteries @ Chasing The Moon 9.23.10 from Scott McDowell on Vimeo.

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