Friday, March 11, 2011

Episode 8 Dropping on Monday

Ah, *stretch*, I needed that break. Our trip down south wasn't exactly a relaxing vacation, but it's always nice to get away for a bit.

Sorry if anyone's been missing their regular dose of new noise here, but I've been saving up a few things to play on a very special episode of 8-Tracks Fierce, coming next Monday, the 14th.

Why so special? Because it's episode 8. Of 8-Tracks Fierce. Just seems significant somehow. Not sure how I should celebrate, but we will definitely be hearing some great new noise, fresh out the box.

I haven't finalized the track list just yet, but I think we can expect to hear from Dirty Beaches, Sweden's Peter Bjorn and John, and noisy N'awlins shoegazers Belong on this episode. 

We'll also hear from a fairly big noise-pop release that leaked very earlyshhh, don't tell the RIAA. Actually, let's not mention my show to them at all, just in case...

Look for all that and more on a brand new episode right here on Monday!

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