Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Unique Psych Pop on D/Wolves' Free Album

  • D/Wolves - Freak of Nature (self-released) [MySpace]
  • Freak of Nature - Free download
    • An interesting amalgamation of candy noise, found sounds and psychedelia fused into short, experimental pop songs sung and played with vigor by this San Diego four-piece.
    • It's hard to tell in the first couple of minutes, but once you get into this half-hour album, it's really cool and sort of unique. Not heavy, but not exactly mellow, either. More light-hearted than dark. Sort of like the Flaming Lips before fame made them a little ridiculous.
    • They call their music "freakpop", "gypsy-gaze", "mud bath" and "post-spooky". Makes sense.
    • They're giving this album away for free at their Bandcamp. Very worth the price!

Here's a new, massively revamped version of a song they released on an EP a year ago (also free). It starts quiet and builds slowly into a monster of a song. Give it time!

D/Wolves - "Pretty Wolves" (Freak of Nature; 3/11/2011)

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