Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Beko Releases a No-Wave Split Single

  • Thickly Painted Walls/Chineselightbulb - Split single (Beko) [Blogspot] [Myspace]
  • Beko 76 - Download here
    • Underground and excellent. Psychedelic garage fuzz punk  that'll bend y'r head. Could be considered no wave. I needed this.
    • Three tracks released yesterday. Two of them are over seven minutes long, so this is nearly 18 minutes of great noise for free.
    • Thickly Painted Walls is Stefan Walz from Park Ridge, NJ. He's put out a few albums, including two in 2010. One is called Wichsen Vixen, and you can download it free here. The other is called Butterknife, and you can get it here.
    • Chineselightbulb is from Berlin. She has an album available here.
    • This isn't the first time these two have worked together. Check out this video from last summer.
    • I love it when musicians are too rock-'n'-roll to care what anyone thinks. 8-Tracks Fierce is a tribute to such artists.
I think this is a picture of both musicians.
Here's the first track on this new single, the shortest one and my favorite. It has something resembling melody and song structure, which is why I felt justified posting it on this blog. This tune could definitely be considered noise punk.

Thickly Painted Walls - "Stoner Boner" (split single with Chineselightbulb; 2/28/2011)


  1. chineselightbulb is a woman and a beautiful woman at that. otherwise nice review.

    full tpw disco here: http://thicklypaintedwalls.blogspot.com/

    also some stuff on this http://thicklypaintedwalls.bandcamp.com/

  2. Thank you! I had trouble finding much information. I'll edit my post.

  3. also the seldom used tpw myspace myspace.com/vacuumnoise

  4. thanks for the review,

    heres my new album via VNR download: