Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Ringo Deathstarr Demonstrate Pure Rock Brilliance

I almost missed this one, and it's one of my favorite bands!
  • Ringo Deathstarr - Colour Trip (Club AC30/Sonic Unyon) [Facebook]
  • Colour Trip
    Colour Trip - Download here
    • Not many bands are doing shoegaze as genuinely and as interestingly as Texas's Ringo Deathstarr. The spirit of the Swirlies' Blonder Tongue Audio Baton lives on in this band.
    • This is shoegaze without being so dream-pop as bands like The Pains of Being Pure At Heart. It's actually rock music. It's noisy and melodic and kickin' all at once. I'm sure kickin' myself for not knowing about this before I recorded yesterday's show!
    • Both male and female vocals, though the male vocals predominate.
    • Reviews I'm reading keep talking about nostalgia and imitation and lack of creativity, but man, I know this genre, and those reviews are off-base. They just don't get it. This album is an advance, not just in shoegaze but in creative rock music as a whole. Maybe one day the world will look back and understand that.
    • There's not a lot more I can say that wouldn't just take away from what this trio from Beaumont have done here in their first full album (finally!). I was a fan before, but this is now one of my favorite bands ever. I'm a Ringo Deathstarr supporter to the end.
    • Apparently Club AC30 released this in the UK on Valentine's Day, and then Sonic Unyon released it here in North America last week. So it's not super fresh, but I just had to rave about it for a minute.
It's very hard to pick just one track to share from this amazing album, but here's one of my favorites. It's like a metal version of Loveless from outer space.

Ringo Deathstarr - "Chloe" (Colour Trip; 2/14/2011)

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