Friday, February 25, 2011

Need Organ in Your Life? Crystal Antlers Bring It

  • Crystal Antlers - Daytrotter session []
  • The Catharsis Is Upon Us -
    Download here
    • Finally, some noise I can get excited about this month. I've enjoyed this group from Long Beach for a while now. Daytrotter brought us this 14-minute session of old songs and a cover last Friday, entitling the set The Catharsis Is Upon Us.
    • The Antlers are a bit garage, a bit punk, a bit California psych and a lot of noisy, organ-heavy angst. This is the stuff right here.
    • Two of the four songs here were on their 2009 album Tentacles (I played "Andrew" on episode 2 of the broadcast way back in July, 2009). The opening song is even older than that. 
    • However, the third track, "I Slept in an Arcade", is a hoppin', moddish cover of a song by L.A. new-wave/punk band Black Randy & The Metrosquad. Seems a bit out of character for the Antlers, but it's brilliant, nonetheless.
    • The session is a free download that you can access here.
      • Does anyone else think the stuff they write on Daytrotter is worthless? It's well written, but good grief. So touchy-feely. And some paragraph breaks would help tremendously.

If you're like me and have been waiting weeks for some good, new noise punk, look no further.

Crystal Antlers - "I Slept in an Arcade" (Black Randy & The Metrosquad cover; Daytrotter session; 2/18/2011)

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