Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Dude, What Up?

I took a break from the blog for a week, and I feel refreshed. I don't think I missed anything too important. I think I missed a new single by Vivian Girls last week (get the free download here), but so much new music came out in January that I just needed to breathe for a while. We'll get to their new album in a couple of months, anyway.

Since I failed to take a picture...
it looked something like this.
I had fully intended to talk about The Babies' debut album, out today on Shrimper, and maybe even the new album by Silk Flowers. Unfortunately, I drove myself into a ditch this morning. It's been a rough day. Now I find myself at a library, without headphones, waiting for my car to be looked at. And I haven't even heard either of those albums yet. So those posts will have to wait...or maybe I'll just talk about those albums on the next episode of the 8-Tracks Fierce radio show, which I hope to record this weekend!

We'll see how the rest of the week goes...

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