Friday, February 11, 2011

Update...New Show on Monday!

I finally just got the new Silk Flowers album, and it's not 8-TF material. I'm not sure how I thought it was...

The Babies
The Babies S/T -
Download here
Anyway, The Babies' album is pretty great, but I'm going to talk about it on the radio show rather than write a post about it. After all, this blog was created to back up the show, not the other way around. Right now I'm trying to decide between three awesome tracks on side A, the faster side.

What else will be on the show? I'm still sorting it all out, but I have a lot of new material to choose from. And since I have so much on MP3 this time, the show will be in STEREOPHONIC SOUND, unlike the January show. It's gonna sound much better.

Besides The Babies, we'll probably hear new music from Dum Dum Girls, Puro Instinct, Mrs. Magician, Toro y Moi...I shouldn't make any promises at this point, but those are pretty good bets.

And since the show will happen to go live on Valentine's Day, I guess I should look for some love songs on these new releases...we'll see about that...

So swing by here on Monday for eight brand new noise-pop/punk songs and plenty of commentary by yours truly. Should be a good time. Have a great weekend.

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