Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Beach Fossils: Not So Exciting After All

  • Beach Fossils - What a Pleasure EP (Captured Tracks) [MySpace]
  • What a Pleasure
    What a Pleasure - Download here
    • This is a different sound for the Fossils than what they used to do. "Lo-fi" can no longer describe it at all.
    • This seems to be yet another Captured Tracks act leaving lo-fi punk/pop behind in favor of a modern New Order feel, much like the label's creator, Blank Dogs. I can't even tell whether the drums on this release are real (I suspect so).
    • If you're looking for noise, you won't find much here. It's mostly just pretty, mellow love songs. This looks like another case of "Last Time They Get Mentioned On 8-Tracks Fierce". The entire Captured Tracks roster is beginning to fall of my radar, which I never would've expected six months ago.
    • I mentioned it on the latest broadcast, but again, how did we go from such an amazing January do such a ho-hum February? Yawnzers.

I played the single "Calyer" on the January broadcast. Turns out it's my favorite of the eight tracks on this EP. My second favorite, "Distance", was also the B-side of the "Face It"/"Distance" single that I streamed here way back on October 12th. So what the heck, here's "Face It", my third favorite. That's not saying much. Ironic that this one EP now has more songs on 8-Tracks Fierce than any other band I've talked about here. And I don't even like it that much.

Beach Fossils - "Face It" ["Face It"/"Distance" single (10/12/2010) and What a Pleasure EP (2/22/2011)]

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