Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Today's Noisy Singles

Released today and all streaming on MySpace. In no particular order...
  • Papercuts - "Do What You Will" single (Sub Pop) [MySpace]
  • Do What You Will (Album)
    "Do What You Will" -
    Download here
    • Pretty, lo-fi guitar pop from San Fran with a strong but sensitive male vocal by one-man band Jason Quever.
    • Released in advance of his album Fading Parade, coming March 1st.
    • The A-side track is a free download on Amazon! The B-side, "Thoughts On Hell", is 99 cents.
    • "Thoughts On Hell" shows up on MySpace, but it can't be played yet. Bummer! The short preview on Amazon sounds really nice, though. [Edit: It is available for streaming on MySpace now, and it is nice! Good use of strings.]

  • Craft Spells - "After the Moment" single (Captured Tracks) [MySpace]
  • After The Moment
    "After the Moment" -
    Download here
    • Sounds way too much like New Order with a lo-fi vocal. Love song with a disco beat and pretty little guitar licks. But some people are way into that, so this is for them.
    • The B-side is called "Love Well Spent" and features Orlando's Emily Reo. It's not much better, but I do enjoy her voice. Definitely adds something.
    • This may be the last time I mention a Craft Spells release on this blog. Not bad, but not really my cup of tea.
    • Both tracks are streaming on MySpace.

  • Catwalk - "One By Words" single (Captured Tracks) [Tumblr]
  • One By Words/Home
    "One By Words" -
    Download here
    • Catwalk is a trio from Oxnard, CA. They're doing a short West Coast tour with The Pains of Being Pure At Heart in April.
    • The A-side track has a disco beat but also some nice distortion of guitar, synths and vocals.
    • The B-side, "Home", is also on MySpace. I like it better. It's not disco at all. It's a fun, rockin' pop tune. You can stream both tracks here.

Papercuts wins this one hands down, even though I haven't heard all of the B-side yet. Check this out.

Papercuts - "Do What You Will" (single; 2/1/2011)

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