Monday, December 20, 2010

Cheveu is One Strange French Band

  • Cheveu - 1000 Mille (Born Bad) [MySpace]
  • 1000 Mille
    1000 Mille - Download here
    • Wow. This is something new and different. This is like, how weird and loud can we be with a keyboard, a sampler and an electric guitar?
    • This French trio regards itself as an electrogaragepunk band. Seems about right. The vocals are mostly spoken rather than sung.
    • Definitely worth checking out the three tracks that are on MySpace: "Charlie Sheen", "No Birds" and "My First Song". Not an album I would consider purchasing for myself, though. Maybe I'm just not ready. But it's very interesting.

Hear for yourself, though. Here's "No Birds", from their own YouTube channel.

Cheveu - "No Birds" (1000 Mille; 12/13/2010)

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