Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Winter Mix Tape

Year-end top-ten album lists are so overdone. I'd much rather share some great tracks that came out this past year. Presenting my long, dark and dreary winter 2010 mix, courtesy of 8tracks.com. This time it's all from 2010, and none of it has been posted here before.

I have thirteen tracks for you this time! I tried to make sort of a story out of the track titles, just for fun.

If the widget gives you trouble, you can listen to the set here.

Top Surprise
Tracklist: (Links lead to downloads)
Procedure Club – Snowy (feat. Sore Eros)
Top Surprise – More Than Cool
No Joy – Still
Tan Dollar – Waiting
Weekend – Landscape
Light Leak – Snow
Blank Dogs – Treelines
Small Black – Search Party
Virgo Rising – To Deal Without It
Serena Maneesh – Opium Priest
Naked Hearts – Dark Shade
EDH– Longwasted
A Sunny Day in Glasgow – 100/0 (Snowdays forever)

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