Monday, December 20, 2010

Excellent Podcast From Mexican Summer

Me You Us Them actually wrote li'l ol' me an e-mail on Saturday to thank me for speaking well of their new track here on Friday. They even sent me an MP3 of "Research" and said I can play it when I start my podcast back up on 1/11/11. Pretty sweet!

Stream their podcast here
Speaking of podcasts, Mexican Summer posted a second one to SoundCloud a couple of weeks ago, but they didn't put it on their site until Friday night. It's a great mix of recent noise pop and other good stuff, featuring tracks from Puro Instinct, Beaches, The Young, Gauntlet Hair, No Joy, The Miracles Club, Dungen, Soldiers of Fortune, and Tamaryn. No stinkers here. 

It also includes interviews with No Joy's delightful Laura Lloyd, Honey Owens from The Miracles Club, and Linda Perhacs, whose 1970 psych-folk album Parallelograms is being reissued on MS. There's a great track from that album on the 'cast, as well. Lots of talk of sandwiches, too. Great to hear from some of the people behind this awesome music. What a fantastic soundtrack to a Monday. Gotta love this label. Check out the podcast here.

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