Friday, December 17, 2010

New Me You Us Them Track Finally Online

  • Crystal Stilts - New songs on Pitchfork Tunnelvision [MySpace]
    • "Blood Barons" and "Flying into the Sun" were performed exclusively for Pitchfork and released as a video on their site.
    • It's good. Kinda scary and post-punkish. As much organ as guitar, but the heavily reverbed vocals are way at the forefront. The last half of the second song includes a harmonica and trumpet duet!
    • Check it here.
  • Me You Us Them - "Research" (Triple Down) []
    • Triple Down finally announced that the long-awaited Bloody Knives/Me You Us Them split 7" will be released some time in January.
    • The MYUT track, entitled "Research", is now up on this Brooklyn four-piece's MySpace. And it KICKS ASS. Crazy noise punk!
    • You should drop everything and go listen to it now.
And if I could think of a way to put it right here, I sure would. But here's the link again. Now go, young man!

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