Friday, December 10, 2010

Dirty Beaches' Ultra-Cool Daytrotter Set

  • Dirty Beaches - Daytrotter's Pop Montreal session [Blogspot]
    • About as simple, minimal and raw as noise pop gets. Very, very cool. This is rock 'n' roll.
    • This was recorded yesterday in the same studio as the BRAIDS session last week. Dirty Beaches is one man, Alex Zhang Hungtai, so it may not be quite as raw as it sounds. I'm guessing he sang and played guitar over pre-recorded loops that included bass and percussion, and even piano on one track. Though if he created the loops very shortly before the engineer pressed "Record"...that's still pretty raw for a one-man band. Don't know if he just brought the loops on his MP3 player, though.
    • Very interesting singer with a rockabilly style. Manly lyrics about driving and other macho stuff. Very nice guitar work, too.
    • It's sort of like baked rockabilly surf punk with a fuzzy, 2 a.m. backdrop.
    • Four snazzy tracks you can stream or download for free here. These are from his forthcoming LP Badlands, which will be released by the Dum Dum Girls' label Zoo Music this spring. Recommended!
    • Zoo Music announced yesterday that Dirty Beaches will be on the same tour with Dum Dum Girls and MINKS that I mentioned in my last post. The tour dates are here.
Check out the previously unreleased track "Speedway King". Did I mention this is very cool?

Dirty Beaches - "Speedway King" (Daytrotter session; 12/9/2010)

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