Thursday, January 6, 2011

Wait Fer It

The noise-pop world has been quiet lately, but it's about to burst wide open. January is going to see so much great new noise pop that holes may open up in the ocean floor. Pretty sure I heard that on the news or something. Have no fear, 8-Tracks Fierce will be here to cover all the new releases, starting next Tuesday with so much new stuff, you won't believe your ears.

Along with new tunes for you to read about, stream and download, my podcast will also return on Tuesday. Unlike previous episodes, the rebooted 8-Tracks Fierce podcast will be all new noise pop/punk, and there's plenty to dish out. We'll definitely hear from Me You Us Them (hi guys), and we'll also check out new stuff from Beach Fossils and Young Prisms along with more artists from even further underground. It's gonna be a heckuva show. And hopefully the sound quality will be better than it was previously.

So join me right here next Tuesday, 1/11/11, for eight new tracks you won't want to miss, along with commentary from yours truly. See you then!

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