Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Some Music This Week

"Face It" / "Distance"
Face It/Distance -
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  • Beach Fossils - Face It/Distance 7" (Captured Tracks) [MySpace]
    • Laid-back, So-Cal feel from a Brooklyn band. Electronic drumming. I like it lots.
    • Kicking off a European tour in Brooklyn this weekend. Well, that's what their schedule shows.
    • Both tracks are on MySpace. Get the vinyl here.

Stay Home

  • The Beets - Stay Home (Captured Tracks) [MySpace]
    • Not the band from Doug. Pure, fun rock-'n'-roll from the Laguardia Airport area. Flute a'plenty.
    • The album art is pretty funny.
    • Track 1, "Cold Lips", is on MySpace. That's the only album track I can find, but alternate versions of tracks 4 ("Watching T.V."), 6 ("Floating") and the final track ("Flight 14") can be found on Daytrotter.
    • I can't find any place to order this yet, even though it's supposed to be released today. But at least you know about it.
  • Kelley Stoltz - To Dreamers (Sub Pop) [kelleystoltz.com]
    • Track 9, "I Don't Get That", is on MySpace. I would also call this pure, fun rock-'n'-roll, but not like The Beets at all. This is more like the Kinks, while the Beets are more like the Velvet Underground? Just a first impression.
    • I like the lo-fi feel of Stoltz's tracks. Sounds like he recorded them in his living room.

Now here's Beach Fossils! Here's the B-side of their new 7".

Beach Fossils - "Distance" (Face It/Distance 7", 10/12/2010)

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