Friday, January 7, 2011

Bama's Nightmare Waterfall Rocks My Fanny

  • Nightmare Waterfall - S/T EP (self-released) [MySpace]
  • Nightmare Waterfall EP-
     Download here
    • A great noise-punk duo from Birmingham, AL. Toured the East Coast with Auburn's surf rockers Man or Astroman? this past fall.
    • They put their free, self-titled EP on MediaFire at my request last night. So I promised I'd tell everyone about them. Uh-oh, am I their agent now? 
    • Sounds like they may have produced the tracks themselves, but you know I respect that. Very much. The music industry is becoming less and less useful, and I love that. Sorry about all those can blame Al Gore and his blasted Internet.
    • Not sure when NMWF put these songs on MySpace and, but they weren't downloadable until now. You're welcome. 
    • It's very noisy and quite brilliant. Hold on to your hats.
Check out this track [I got the title wrong on the video--sorry]. Pretty amazing.

Nightmare Waterfall - "Nightfall Waterfall" (Nightmare Waterfall EP, ca. 2010)

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