Wednesday, January 12, 2011

MINKS Are Fun For '80s Children

  • MINKS – By the Hedge (Captured Tracks) [Blogspot]
  • By the Hedge
    By the Hedge -
    Download here
    • New York boy/girl duo, though they play with as many as four other people on stage. Not a lot known about them so far.
    • The whole album has kind of an '80s goth-pop vibe to it. Fans of The Cure are sure to like it, though the vocals are laid back, sometimes more Bob Dylan than Robert Smith.
    • Nice use of female backup vocals on many tracks.
    • High-quality recording that many music fans will eat up. And I like it, too.
    • Touring the U.S. this spring with Dum Dum Girls and Dirty Beaches. Maybe some of the mystery will go away then.
Here they are playing one of the album's singles at Glasslands a few weeks ago.

MINKS - "Funeral Song" (Glasslands Gallery, Brooklyn; 11/21/2010)

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