Tuesday, January 25, 2011

I Was A King Revisit '60s Psych in a Big Way

  • I Was A King - Old Friends (Sounds Familyre) [MySpace]
  • Old Friends
    Old Friends - Download here
    • Chamber pop meets psychedelic noise pop with tinny male vocals. Horns (often sounding synthesized), woodwinds, strings, piano, banjo, hand claps and theremin all play a part.
    • This Norwegian five-piece might have fit in with the Elephant 6 collective. Would've made the Beatles, Zombies and Beach Boys proud. Just look at that album art.
    • Twelve quick tracks in thirty minutes, and one, a track that is just three voices singing three chords, is only fourteen seconds. 
    • The album has a fast pace. The intensive drumming helps keep things really interesting.

The opening track grabbed me. Here it is.

I Was A King - "The Wylde Boys" (Old Friends; 1/25/2011)

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