Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Tennis Is Carried By an Incredible Voice

  • Tennis - Cape Dory (Fat Possum) [MySpace]
  • Cape Dory
    Cape Dory - Download here
    • What a voice. It sounds like The Sundays never died; they just went into hibernation, listened to all the best music ever made and returned as an even cooler pop band.
    • Light on the noise, but it still sounds like minimalist noise pop to me. Very inspired by '60s bubble gum of the sha-la-la variety, and it really works.
    • This boy/girl duo from Denver is returning from the UK this weekend to continue their tour stateside. They have a pretty impressive tour schedule that extends into mid-March.
    • Yeah, and apparently they're sailors, but you can read about that anywhere.
    • The last band I heard with a voice like this was Cryptacize, last year. This is a different style of pop, but it's the same kind of shock knowing that girl's voice is the major reason you like this band.

I think my favorite track on this album is the title track. All the tracks are pretty short, and this is the shortest at just over two minutes. And it has a pretty cool video.

Tennis - "Cape Dory" (Cape Dory; 1/18/2011)

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