Friday, January 21, 2011

White Fence Blows My Ever-Lovin' Mind

  • White Fence - Is Growing Faith (Woodsist) [Blogspot]
  • Is Growing Faith
    Is Growing Faith - Download here
    • Holy crap. I didn't know what to expect. This is amazing.
    • Another Tim Presley (Darker My Love, The Strange Boys) project.
    • Timeless noisy So-Cal garage psych-rock. Fun with tape effects, an instrument I can't quite identify...just wow.
    • A long-ish album at 46 1/2 minutes. Sixteen tracks, and all are whoppers.
    • Cover art by Presley himself.
    • Incredible album. Words can't express how cool it is (not any better than other blogs do so, anyway). Just get it and listen.
If you're not convinced, here's a track that sounds like Part 2 of the track that came before ("Your Last Friend Alive"), but much noisier and more psyched-out. This is one of the noise-poppiest tracks on the album. "Harness" is a really good one, too. This here is another 8-Tracks Fierce exclusive.

White Fence - "Enthusiasm" (Is Growing Faith; 1/18/2011)

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