Monday, January 24, 2011

Wizard Oz Bring a Noise-Pop Feast For the Ears

  • Wizard Oz - Flower Days (Beko) [Angelfire]
  • Flower Days - Download here
    • Grainy keyboard pop with harmonized, reverb-heavy male vocals and spare use of guitar in most of their tracks. 
    • Very nice. Parts of it sound like they came from a video game, but not in a way that distracts from the songs, which are pretty good.
    • Duo from Fitzroy, Victoria, a suburb of Melbourne.
    • Beko's fourth full-length release and at least the third for Wizard Oz. They have two full-length albums from 2010 streaming on BandCamp.
    • Pretty good stuff, especially for free! About as good as keyboard pop gets, in my opinion.
I wanted to stream a track with plenty of guitar, so this is not quite representative of the whole album, but I dig it.

Wizard Oz - "Horse Tails" (Flower Days; 1/24/2011)

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  1. If you're digging these dudes it's worth checking out their cover of TV Colours' 'Bad Dreams', it's a totally killer track!