Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Thank You Dare Us Along On a Noisy Journey

  • Thank You - Golden Worry (Thrill Jockey) [MySpace]
  • Golden Worry
    Golden Worry - Download here
    • Upbeat and exciting noise rock from this Baltimore trio who have been a band since 2006 (with a drummer replacement in '09). 
    • Fast drumming and fun keyboarding accompany carefully crafted guitar play.
    • Very light on vocals, this release takes post-punk noise music in several directions. Not unlike a very happy sounding Sonic Youth in choosing wandering musical journey over traditional song structure.
    • It takes half an hour to get through all six tracks. Is it an EP or a full album? Who cares, it's great.
    • Track 2, "Birth Reunion", is on their MySpace.
Here's a wild and fun track from this new album that I don't think you'll hear elsewhere on the WWW.

Thank You - "Continental Divide" (Golden Worry; 1/25/2011)

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