Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Smith Westerns Take On the World Like Grown-Ups

  • Smith Westerns - Dye It Blonde (Fat Possum) [Blogspot]
  • Dye It Blonde (AmazonMP3 Exclusive)
    Dye It Blonde - Download here
    • Four young men from Chicago, including a pair of brothers, making hi-fi noise pop that is happy, confident and easygoing. Just enough keyboard in the background. 
    • Pretty great. Can't really find anything wrong with it, but it's not for your tough moods. Can definitely brighten your day, though.
    • Their second full-length, and a very impressive release. These kids could go really far.
    • Kind of a country feel, and yet sounds like a full choir  at some point in nearly every track. Masterfully orchestrated. A true feel-good record.
    • Engineered by Chris Coady (TV on the Radio, Beach House, Yeah Yeah Yeahs).
    • Streamable at NPR's site here.
    • Currently on a long tour of the U.S. SW is a true American band, and they probably deserve your attention. Hopefully they won't wear everybody out with too much promotion.

This here track is just too much. Wow.

Smith Westerns - "Still New" (Dye It Blonde; 1/18/2011)

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  1. nice, succinct review of these guys! i know i'm hoping they don't get over-marketed, too, but, at the same time, i hope they tap into a bit more of the mainstream market. i think their sound caters to a broad range of listeners, and lord knows more mainstream radio could use a breath of fresh air from bands like these guys.

    also, thanks for the nice comment on my review over at see the leaves!