Monday, October 25, 2010

All-Girl Band Warpaint Releases Debut Album

  • Warpaint - The Fool (Rough Trade) []
    • Found it here, but it's streaming free at their Web site.
    • Hard to describe. It's interesting, winding rock-'n'-roll with heavy reverb, harmonic vocals and a slightly psychedelic bent. The tracks are rather long. Very nice, though. These girls can really play!
    • Also available as a vinyl double-disc and an MP3 download.
    • From L.A. but currently touring Europe.
    • The Fool
      The Fool - Click to order
    • Worth checking out.

Here's a particularly impressive track that someone just uploaded this morning.

Warpaint - "Bees" (Rob da Bank session, BBC Radio 1; 9/18/2010)

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