Wednesday, October 20, 2010

A Sunny Day in Glasgow Give Away New Album

Autumn, Again
Autumn, Again -
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    • MP3s are available at Amazon, but the band started giving this away for free (and accepting donations) on Monday at I guess you have to pay attention to know these things!
    • Eleven tracks recorded at ten different sites, running under 34 minutes.
    • The girl on the cover is saying, "Autumn, again," and the dude says, "Sigh."
    • This dreamy six-piece pop band from Philadelphia cranks out some nifty sounds and heavenly harmonies. Anyone who is into dream pop will love this, I'm sure. All vocals female.
    • Track 2, "Fall in love", is about as powerful and impressive as dream pop gets. I'm gonna have to recommend this.
    • Order the vinyl version here. The Decibel Tolls reports that it glows in the dark. [Edit: He was kidding.]

Here's the track that wowed me so much.

A Sunny Day in Glasgow - "Fall in love" (Autumn, Again, 10/19/2010)


  1. Hey Scott,

    I absolutely adore this band.

    I have had "Tout New Age" in heavy rotation on my iPod for weeks now.

    Thanks for another great blog here.

    On that note, I would love it if you listed me on your Blog List below.



  2. Hey, thanks for the comment, Dave! Glad you like the blog. I'll be happy to list yours!

  3. Thanks, Scott!

    Nice work you do here ;-)