Thursday, October 21, 2010

Other Stuff I've Checked Out

Another Man's Treasure
Another Man's Treasure -
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  • Ima Robot - Another Man's Treasure (Werewolf Heart) []
    • Their third full-length album and their first on a small label. Their first two were on Virgin. I guess they're too hip for Virgin now.
    • Streams free with bonus tracks at
    • It's like afro-brit pop with computers...I don't know. Must be a hipster thing. Are they competing with Gorillaz? That's how it sounds.
    • Extremely well produced. These guys must have some serious gear and a lot of money.
    • Ridiculously loooooong.......and the more I listen, the more it wears on me.
    • This is similar enough to other stuff I post about that it seems to belong on this blog, but I'm not sure what it contributes musically. It's interesting, and it will sell well because it's Ima Robot, but not necessarily because there's anything really special or new here. As long as the hipsters get their T-shirts that make their co-workers/classmates go, "Whaaa...he must be cool!"
    • Or maybe I just don't get it.

  • Gram Rabbit - Miracles & Metaphors (Cobraside) []
  • Miracles & Metaphors
    Miracles & Metaphors -
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    • Streaming free at Bandcamp. Kind of a mish-mash of styles with everything from country to high-energy dance to pure rock. Both male and female vocals, but primarily female. Difficult to pin down, but maybe a good party album.
    • Their fifth full-length album. They've been prolific since 2004, but I never heard of them until today.
    • At least this one doesn't sound like it was made for hipsters. It's extremely well produced also, but I think it's a lot more interesting and unique than Ima Robot's album. This one's for true music lovers.
    • All in all, it's pretty good stuff. It's one of those albums that has something for everyone.
    • They're on tour now and will be playing at the Rumba Cafe here in Columbus tomorrow night.
Here's track 2 from Miracles & Metaphors performed live a month ago. These guys are interesting! You won't be able to see anything until 25 seconds in.

Gram Rabbit - "Candy Flip" (Port of Los Angeles Lobster Festival; 9/18/2010)

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