Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Oh Man, Good Music Week

Shake the Shackles
"Shake the Shackles" -
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  • Crystal Stilts - "Shake the Shackles" single (Slumberland) [MySpace]
    • Get the free MP3 here. B-side "Magnetic Moon" is on MySpace.
    • Lo-fi post-punk goodness with an organ.
    • A 7" vinyl edition is available, and you can also order both MP3s here.

"Constance" - Click to download
  • The Studio Era - "Constance" single (Beko) [thestudioera.com]
    • Mellow enough for Sunday morning, interesting enough to belong on this blog. Good stuff.
    • They say they're from Portland and Brooklyn. They don't post pictures, so they're kind of mysterious.

New Chain
New Chain - Click to order
  • Small Black - New Chain (Jagjaguwar) [Blogspot]
    • Chilled new wave. Keyboard-y. Found it here (password = mp3musicmatrix.com).
    • They call it "chillwave". And I approve. Four boys from Brooklyn make beautiful noise together. You should really check it out.
    • You can get the first single, "Photojournalist", for free at Pitchfork. It and another track, "Search Party", are on MySpace.

I think I like the Crystal Stilts single best of these. Here's "Shake the Shackles".

Crystal Stilts - "Shake the Shackles" ("Shake the Shackles" single, 10/26/2010)

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