Monday, October 4, 2010

Insect Guide Bring the Noise

Dark Days & Nights - Click to order
  • Insect Guide - Dark Days & Nights (Squirrel/Dead Penny/Moorworks) []
    • Insect Guide, a three-piece from Leeds, put out a fun and very polished noise-pop record today, their second LP.
    • This album features boy/girl vocals and the drummer from Pale Saints.
    • You can stream it free here. Unfortunately, there's no volume control, and it's very loud. Fortunately, I found a download link here, so you don't have to hurt your ears or disturb your officemates to hear it for free.
    • The first 500 copies come with a DVD with 45 minutes of content. The CD also comes with color prints and a pin badge. That's some serious marketing for a band I never heard until today.

This really is pretty good, though! I really like the title track. Here they are playing it in their hometown at the single release party last April. They're currently touring their home country promoting this album.

Insect Guide - "Dark Days & Nights" (single release party, The Library, Leeds, 4/17/2010)

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