Monday, October 18, 2010

Just Brilliant Pop Music Out Now

Brave New World -
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  • Wonder Wheel - Brave New World (Sixteen Tambourines) [Blogspot]
    • On cassette only, but four tracks are on MySpace. (Scroll down to the last four, "Think Too Much", "Eyes", "After Dark" and "IMHO". You can tell these tracks are new because they have very few plays so far.)
    • Beautiful, fun, distorted California pop. Recommended!

Modern + Rarities - Click to order
  • Blackbird Blackbird - Modern + Rarities (Sixteen Tambourines) []
    • Also on cassette.
    • Also beautiful, fun, distorted California pop. But different. Girls sing on a few of these tracks.
    • This guy's still in high school. Amazing talent. I'm very impressed.
    • Check out "Starlight" and "Modern Disbelief" on MySpace. Great stuff.

"Gobble Die" - Click to download

  • Of Mice and Mental Arithmetic - "Gobble Die" single (Beko) [MySpace]
    • Fast-paced, tongue-in-cheek, multi-vocal pop music from the UK with guitars, keys, drums, bass and horns. 
    • Creative, smart lyrics and fun song titles like "Fish Cannot Carry Guns" and "Ants and Bees Are Communists".
    • a.k.a. Omama. Features members of Lardpony and The Deirdres. Band members are listed as "fairy, gemma, sophie, and tom". 
    • I think this is math rock? *shrug* Probably not. Why label it, anyway? Whatever it is, I like it a lot.

Here's a video for Wonder Wheel's "After Dark", track 2 on Brave New World. With scenes from classic films...

Wonder Wheel - "After Dark" (Brave New World, 10/12/2010)

WONDER WHEEL - After Dark from Moduli TV on Vimeo.

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