Thursday, October 28, 2010

Ghostland Observatory's Fourth Album

Codename: Rondo
Codename: Rondo -
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  • Ghostland Observatory - Codename: Rondo (Trashy Moped Recordings) [MySpace]
    • This is kind of cool, I guess. Dancey, computerized funk with glam-rock vocals. Great for parties, I'd imagine. It's fun and ironic; nothing serious here.
    • Their fourth full-length album in as many years.
    • The whole thing is streaming on MySpace.

Here's a recent video of them playing track 1 of this album.

Ghostland Observatory - "Glitter" (First Avenue, Minneapolis; 2010)

A little note: My wife is having twins this weekend! So posting might be a bit spotty next week. Hopefully we can talk about the new Wise Blood single, the new Bloody Knives/Me You Us Them split, and more, while they're still fresh!

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