Monday, October 11, 2010

Blank Dogs' Third Full-Length Out This Week

Land And Fixed
Land and Fixed - Click to order
  • Blank Dogs - Land and Fixed (Captured Tracks) [MySpace]
    • Officially out tomorrow. Found it here.
    • Much heavier on the keyboards this go-around. We don't hear much guitar until the second half of the album, and it never takes the foreground. 
    • Sounds like New Order on drugs throughout the album. Tracks 7, "Another Language" (on MySpace), and 9, "Out the Door", are good examples of this. It's almost as if this is what he was going for.
    • Takes the experimentation a little further (I guess), but you should only shell out money on this if whacked-out New Order is just what the doctor ordered for you.
    • Surprisingly sudden ending—dis gotz wun. I wuz like, "Wuuh, Blank Dogs, yew so kraaazuh."

This is the track with probably the most fun use of guitar. It's track 10.

Blank Dogs - "All Around" (Land and Fixed, 10/12/2010)

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