Thursday, October 7, 2010

Tunes For Punks and Anglophiles

Zeus EP
Zeus EP - Click to order
Here are a couple of new-ish things I've heard since yesterday. For the Anglophiles,
  • British Sea Power - Zeus EP (Rough Trade) []
    • I put this one off (released on Monday) because I wasn't so excited about it, but the three tracks on MySpace are not a bad listen at all. It's no Sisters or Procedure Club, but I felt there's just enough creativity and experimentalism here to deserve a mention.
    • It's steeply priced at nearly $2 per track (it's an import).
    • (I'm still not that excited about it, but it beats listening to Coldplay.)
And on the punkier side,
For Victory - Click to order
  • Rations - For Victory (86'd/Fanzine) [MySpace]
    • Hard-hitting debut album by a punk band from Long Island. I enjoyed it. 
    • "11 tracks in 17 mins." according to their label. Parental advisory: explicit lyrics.
    • Includes a speech by FDR on "the four freedoms" that goes on for two-and-a-quarter minutes.
    • It's not all politics—there's a track that's entirely for Marvel comic book nerds.
    • Stream it free here.

  • Here's BSP playing "Zeus" in London back in February. Meh. Some of you might like it.

  • British Sea Power - "Zeus" (Scala, London, 2/9/2010)

    Not to worrythere's a new Blank Dogs album and much more coming next week!

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